Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From Cambodia with Love

Things that made me smile in Cambodia:
Happy hour that starts in morning and ends at midnight.

My morning workout in Siem Reap. Every person in the park stopped me and asked "Where you from?" When I replied USA, they all knew someone that was living in USA.

My Cambodian workout dog in Siem Reap. I named him Scrappy. He loved running in the park with me. I would chase him in circles to get my heart rate up. He would bark at me while I did push ups and planks...not much fun for him.

Three little boys that were monks. Stop and stared at me while I drank my coffee.

Showering by candlelight (alone you sickos!)

Motorbike with 3 sedated hogs on the back. (wish I had a photo of that one!)
This little piggy went to market.
Women riding motorbikes side saddle. Now that is a lady!

A 15 year old boy selling books asked where I was from. I replied "USA" and he responded with facts about the USA. He knew the capital, president, Alaska was the largest state and the book he was selling was written by a woman from Cambodia that now lived in the Ohio. He made me laugh and I bought a book titled "First They Killed My Father" by Loung Ung.

The little boy that smelled Fara and kissed my arms.

Crazy bus rides with Cambodian high school love tragedies and cow crossings.

Fish amok- so yummy!

The Blue Pumpkin - the coolest Cool Lounge with great internet service. They provide all leftover food to the local orphanages.

The Cambodian Police officer that offered to sell his badge to me for $5. Not sure why I would need that....yet.
A 6 year old girl named Dao that was selling postcards at Angkor Wat. A little boy walked up and wanted to sell us postcards also. So, I asked her about her life and if he was her brother. She said "No." I asked "Is he your boyfriend?" She wrinkled up her nose at him and laughed hysterically. "No, he is just a boy. I have work to do. Wanna buy postcard?" She was so adorable and happy. I bought the pack of postcards for a dollar.

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  1. I am so excited and so very happy that you enjoyed Cambodia as much as I did! Reading about your experience at the Killing Fields brought back the same emotional feelings that I had and I actually started tearing up. I'm so so so glad you and Fara decided to go and were able to learn the history. I wish we could talk in person! Maybe Skipe??? Let me know! Miss you!