Monday, September 30, 2013

Sideman, Bali

The ferry ride from Gili Air to Amed was quick and relaxing. I arrived in port looking for my friend, Made. I did not see him. I decided to order a fresh banana pineapple smoothie and a vegetable sandwich. I just started to eat when Made arrived. When I finished eating, we left and started our drive towards Sideman.

Sideman is a beautiful, quiet village an hour and a half from Amed. I had been told it was what Ubud was 20 years ago. As we entered town I knew this would be a relaxing stay. Just what I needed. I was tired and ready to sleep and catch up on my blog. I was over a month behind on my travels. Ugh! I hate being behind. This is the only journal I am writing. I don't have a separate copy of my thoughts and experiences.   

I checked into Giri Cerik guesthouse and said my goodbyes to Made. He would pick me up in 2 days and take me to the airport for my flight to Malaysia. 

The view from my room was fantastic. It overlooked rice paddies and was shadowed by Mount Agung. I was happy to wake up and see this view from my bed!
I unpacked, sent some laundry to be done and settled into the lounge chair to start writing. At some point I fell asleep. I awoke and went for a walk in the rice fields then back to the hotel for dinner.

As I returned to my room, the frogs and geckos were all that I heard in the evening. It was relaxing but cold. I crawled into bed and slept soundly. 

I repeated this the next day. Sideman was peaceful and relaxing. I was asked if I wanted to hike the not really. I have hiked one and did not feel the need to do it again. Was I lazy? Yes! I found 6 months on the road had hit me and I was tired of sight seeing. I needed a brake and was just relaxing. I knew I was headed to Kuala Lumpur for a night and then on to Istanbul, Turkey! 

I accomplished getting all of my China trip updated. Now to do Bali and Gili Islands. It is so hard to get caught back up but I will. 

Made arrived to pick me up and transfer me to the airport. I laughed as we talked about life. Made asked me questions about life in the states. He asked about my time in Bali. I told him I had enjoyed it and the food. He laughed as he told me about a dinner he had with some clients. They had gone out to eat at a western restaurant and he ordered chicken. He explained that they brought him half the chicken. This was odd to him as it would be what his family of 4 eats in 2 days! I asked how long a whole chicken would last and he said he did not know...they never buy a whole chicken. In Bali, meat is used as flavor not the main course. I explained what food was like in America and we laughed at the differences.

I promised Made I would be back to Bali. I felt at home and at peace here. It is a special place and holds a warm place in my heart. I said my goodbyes to Made at the airport. I got a little teary-eyed. The last 3 weeks I had spent much time with him and he had become a wonderful friend. I was going to miss Made. I waved goodbye as I crossed the street. 

As I end my time in Indonesia, there is one word that describes the experience. Abundance. I fell in love with the island and the people. My heart is filled with joy. I have met many people that opened their lives and homes up to me. I experienced an abundance of love in Bali.

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