Saturday, December 14, 2013

Split, Croatia

It rained most of the bus trip to Split. We arrived in the late afternoon. This was just a stopover to catch the early bus to Lake Plitvices. We bought our tickets for the morning bus and walked to Elena's Rooms.
Mom has gotten better carrying the backpack with her new cane.
Just don't tell her she looks like Mr Peanut!
We walked in and met friendly Elena and felt like we hit the room jackpot! It was a quaint and charming apartment. I looked at mom and knew she was ready to stay for a week. 
We dropped our bags and went to explore the city. We walked towards the old town and mom started to shop at the market. She was getting ready for shopping at the Christmas markets. She bought a few gifts and a sweater for herself. 

We wandered the streets of old town enjoying the local charm. I have really liked watching the barbers. In the USA, we don't have many barbers that do a full shave. I found this old guy cute and had to get his photo.
Split quickly became my mothers favorite city. She loved the large promenade with benches and the sea views. 

But I think this little stand is what won her over. 
It made little traditional Croatian donuts. We got a cup to share. Mom loved the Croatian version of an abbleskiever. We enjoyed these as we listened to violinists and watched an older couple dance to the music. It was relaxing and beautiful. 
After dinner in a piazza, it was time to go back and get to bed. We had an early morning bus ride. Goodnight beautiful Split! 

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