Sunday, October 6, 2013

Olympos, Turkey

I arrived in Olympos after a long bus ride to Antalya and then a mini-bus ride to Olympos and a shuttle bus down to the town. The last driver thought he was a race car driver! We flew down the mountain, around hairpin turns and screeched to a stop at each pension. Olympos is very small with a hippy/backpacker vibe. All of the places advertise their tree houses. Of course I stayed in one!
The only disappointment was the house was 3 ft off the ground. I guess I was kind of in a tree house. It was in the middle of an orange grove and the trees are short so I was in the trees! I liked my rustic tree house and was happy to have a hippy beach to relax for a few days. I arrived at 9:30 so first on the list of activities was breakfast. But first, I dropped my dirty clothes at the laundromat. Then I found a tree to relax under and enjoy my free breakfast! 
I love the low tables with pillows. It reminded me of SE Asia. I don't understand why we don't have more places like this. It is a comfortable place to relax and check in emails. (Maybe because they are always trying to turn the tables at home. I love being allowed to stay as long as I want without that rude sneer from wait staff!) I was full and warm from several cups of apple tea. My bum was falling asleep and I had to move or nap. I decided to move. I went to talk to the guys at V-Go Yachts. Time to see if I can get a 4 day cruise to Fethiye.  

I was told by several people to take a Blue Cruise with V-Go from Olympos to Fethiye. I had assumed the cruise would be expensive and a single supplement would kill me so I didn't put it high on my list of must do's. Until I met four girls from America that I nicknamed the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. They arrived  in Goreme and had just finished the cruise. As they showed me photos and raved about it, I decided to look into the price. Wow! It was about $275 for 4 days and included all meals. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants suggested I negotiate a lower price when I arrive in Olympos. I took their advice and negotiated my price ($225) and agreed to share a cabin with someone else. Yippee! I was going sailing along the coast! 

Olympos is a small town. It is 500 meters from the beach but to get there you have to walk through ruins. 
The beach was beautiful but I realized I have been spoiled by the soft sandy beaches and warm waters of SE Asia. The Mediterranean was rocky and cold! This was going to take some getting use to! 

I spent 2 days lying on the beach and reading. i am tired and find myself traveling slower. I quickly learned to lie in the sun and get warmed by the pebbles before daring to swim in the cold, clear sea. It was refreshing! I was ready to board my gulet and spend a few more days relaxing and enjoying the Mediterranean Sea.  

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