Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Turkish Salon Experience


I have been on the road and decided it was time for a haircut and a color. I had planned to color it myself but since I am one of the few women that has NEVER done that. Why start now?

I asked the girl working at the hostel if she could recommend someplace. I figured she was blonde and could tell it was colored so I figure her recommendation was good. I went to the barber with a note in Turkish. I arrived and they were closed. So, a man at the coffee shop took me to his. Ha ha! No English but I handed them the note and the guy smiled and showed me to his chair. Their was one other girl in the salon and she was getting her hair styled. I sat down to and relaxed as much as I could to the techno music. My barber/stylist lit a cigarette and had his assistant start getting foil ready. Oh, please don't burn my head! He returned with a bowl of purple hair product which looked like one of the colors my stylist always used. Everything looked normal and I relaxed. He started putting the foil in my hair. By the time he was done putting the fouls in my hair, the salon was full. It was Saturday evening and women were stopping in to get their hair styled before their dates and parties. The salon was a whirl of activity and I loved it! 
Yep, this is kinda a normal look when I get highlights. No worries! 

I sat on the couch watching the Saturday night activities. I felt left out not having a weave. My hair would look thick and luxurious if I had one! The stylists were busy getting all the women gorgeous. The women waited and smoked cigarettes and drank tea. Others danced to techno music. My senses were overwhelmed. 

It was entertaining and crazy all at once. Nobody spoke English. It was like I was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Jersy Shore and somewhere in the 90's all mixed together. I wonder what my hair will look like. Oh well, it will grow back if it looks bad, right? 

I found myself wanting to go with these women to the weddings or clubs. They walked in with a ponytail and walked out with huge hairstyles. Everyone left with a Snookie bump. This was really a different experience. They looked at me, said something and smiled at me. 

As I was waiting for the dye to set, I sat on the couch taking it all in. A man entered with a suitcase. He opened it and all the women crowded around him looking at what was inside. I finally got a peek. He was selling nails, makeup and eyelashes. The women went crazy and started going to the back room. They returned with beautiful, long giraffe eyelashes. 

I was taken to the sink and my hair was rinsed then he emptied a tube of golden color in a bowl and mixed it with shampoo. It was massaged into my hair and then I was left to sit a few more minutes. Oh, what color will it be? I giggled to myself and thought "bad decisions make great stories." So far, it was good. Travel is about letting go of your fears and enjoying life. I know the worse case is it will grow back. I have never been one of those women that freaks out about my hair. I find that a waste of time and energy. So many other things are more important. 

My hair was washed and a towel was wrapped around my head. I was taken back to sit on the couch. I was dying to get that first glimpse at me hair. Is it blonde? Green? Red? It was killing me!!! I waited 15 minutes before being shown to the chair and the unveiling. He removed the towel and I saw the blonde highlights. I let out a squeal and said "Yeah! Blonde!" As I clapped my hands, the stylist said something in Turkish and one girl came over to look. I don't know why it was be he kissed the girl on both cheeks. He started cutting and asked what I presumed was how much I wanted cut. I showed him about 2 inches and he made a tsk, tak tsk sound as he shook his head. Guess not1 He took an inch and the handed the brush over to a younger guy to blow dry. He brushed and brushed and then gave it a quick spray. I smiled as I looked in the mirror. Perfect! I was happy with it. I asked him to take a photo.
He laughed and said "you twin." I looked at the photo and he said we looked the same. Ha ha! I paid, said thanks and left. It was a great experience! Maybe I should do this in each country! 

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